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Located along the south arm of Lake Charlevoix and the Jordan River, the G&I area of East Jordan City comprises South Arm township and East Jordan City. The historic downtown district lies east of the southernmost portion of Lake Charlevoix. Additional commercial development sits along Michigan State Highway 32 (M-32) and Michigan State Highway 66 (M-66), which are primary regional transportation corridors. Historic residential neighborhoods lie to the center of the City, with newer residential development closer to the City boundaries. *Evaluating Redevelopment Ready Community status.



The Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA): Serving Antrim County & Charlevoix County
The Northern Lakes Economic Alliance (NLEA), established in 1984, is a public/private non-profit organization serving Antrim, Charlevoix, and Cheboygan Counties in Northern Michigan. The NLEA works directly with local units of government on infrastructure projects, facilitates local company growth and expansion, and assists many local companies on a wide range of issues that help retain existing jobs and create new jobs.

Investment Opportunities

Community Investment Area
Former boat launch property located on Lake Charlevoix and M-32 within the hub of downtown. Property is connected to the Joining Jordan walkway project that will restore the former launch parking lot and create a pocket park along the lakeshore for walking, fishing, and access to Lake Charlevoix. Property’s parking lot and building are high priority on city's master plan. Located within an Opportunity Zone.
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Community Investment Area
The East Jordan Civic Center sits on the largest footprint along Main Street in downtown East Jordan. Occupying about three square blocks or .4 acres, this site is still used as a community center, with groups renting the gymnasium space for sporting and other events. However, the site is aging, and the City of East Jordan has showcased this property within the updated master plan for either rehabilitation or demo and redevelopment.
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Community Investment Area
Vacant land within the DDA/business district. Located on M-32 on commercially zoned land. Located within an Opportunity Zone.
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Population Change since 2010
Percentage of East Jordan City Population Under the Age of 45
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Economic Development

Recent Private Investments

Cannonball LLC Space
8200 sqft
This mixed-use space on the corner of Main and Spring streets features restaurant and retail spaces with outdoor dining and views of the Jordan River, Memorial Park and the marina. Capex: $2.1 million Jobs created: 24
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Recent Public Works Projects

The Joining Jordan Bridge and Walkway Project
Cost: $2,500,000
Historically, Lake Charlevoix and Jordan River created a natural barrier that physically split the community. This bridge, walkway, and waterfront development connects the community with motorized, bicycle, and pedestrian lanes. This project was primarily funded by MEDC, and was led and co-funded by the East Jordan DDA, and creates a new commercial redevelopment property on the lakefront.
East Jordan Water Tower and Reservoir Replacement
Cost: $1,200,000
Replaced the City’s aging, 100-year old water tower with new and added 100,000 gallons to the previous capacity for community growth.
Phase II Sewer Upgrade and Expansion
Cost: $3,000,000
Second phase of Sewer Collection System upgrades. The wastewater treatment plant was upgraded from a lagoon style to mechanical plant in 2018, expanding sewer collection capacity to prepare the community for growth and development. East Jordan is now planning to identify where sewer main improvements must be made.

Economic Development Ecosystem Map

This map shows some of the many organizations in this county providing economic development related services, such as workforce training, development finance, or technical advising for businesses. Use the dropdown in the upper left hand corner to filter by People, Investment, and Place.   

“People” covers organizations that focus on early childhood care, workforce training, equity and diversity, and talent recruitment and retention.  

“Investment” includes organizations that focus on industry cluster support, small business investment and technical assistance, innovation and technology development, and real estate and commercial development.  

“Place”-focused organizations include tourism, arts and culture, and recreation organizations, planning and development entities, infrastructure and utility providers, and housing organizations.


Electric Provider(s):  

Consumers Energy
Business Service: 1-800-805-0490
Region 2 Economic Development Representative:

  • Michele Eaton 
  • 989-293-1841
  • Michele.Eaton@cmsenergy.com

Great Lakes Energy 
Business Service: 1-888-485-2537

Natural Gas Provider(s):

DTE Energy  
Business Service: 1-855-383-4249


Broadband/Fiber Providers:

Merit Network, Inc. 


True Stream (Powered by Great Lakes Energy)

Water Provider(s):

East Jordan City