Michigan's Creative Coast


Michigan’s Creative Coast highlights the Grand Traverse Region as an exceptional place to live, explore, and fulfill your career.

Our mission is to elevate the innovative and entrepreneurial culture in our region and to attract new people, new ideas, and new businesses. The Traverse City area is home to a diverse and impressive array of career opportunities in technology, trade industries, and the creative sectors, offering growth opportunities in small and medium-sized businesses. The Region is desirable for remote workers, offering a number of shared workspaces and cohort groups.

Considering a move to the Traverse City area but haven’t quite made up your mind? Maybe you’ve recently moved here and you want to get plugged into a network and the community? Northern Navigators are here to help. Acting as ‘regional ambassadors’, our Northern Navigators are people who already live here, who have chosen to live here, and who can help you as a newcomer feel welcomed and connected, all while offering knowledge of the regional lifestyle, recreation, schools, healthcare, real estate, and industry and career opportunities. Connect now with a Northern Navigator.

Creative Coast is an initiative powered by Traverse Connect, the Grand Traverse Region’s lead economic development organization.